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Pop!_gtk Theme

The Pop! icon theme, gtk theme, and fonts come by default in Pop!_OS, but if you are using another distribution and want to use the Pop!_theme there, you can install via the instructions below.

On Ubuntu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:system76/pop
sudo apt update
sudo apt install pop-theme

It’s recommended to use the pop-theme metapackage, as this will pull in all components of the look. However, individual components can be installed separately, e.g.:

sudo apt install pop-gtk-theme

It’s also recommended to restart the GNOME Shell after applying the theme.

Enter the Shell’s command launcher with Alt+F2 and then type r and hit enter.

Installation from Git Source

  1. If previous versions were installed/existed, remove them first.
sudo apt remove system76-pop-gtk-theme
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/themes/{Pop,Pop-Eta,Pop-Nokto,Pop-Nokto-Eta}
rm -rf ~/.local/share/themes/{Pop,Pop-Eta,Pop-Nokto,Pop-Nokto-Eta}
rm -rf ~/.themes/{Pop,Pop-Eta,Pop-Nokto,Pop-Nokto-Eta}
  1. Check build-requirements: Currently Pop bundles neither pre-generated stylesheets nor PNG images, so users and/or contributors should generate proper CSS, PNGs, and gresources at build time.
* autoconf
* automake
* inkscape
* libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev (gdk-pixbuf2-devel)  >= 2.32.2
* libglib2.0-dev (glib2-devel)              >= 2.48.0
* librsvg2-dev (librsvg2-devel)             >= 2.40.13
* libsass0 (libsass)                        >= 3.3.6
* libxml2-utils (libxml2)
* pkg-config (pkgconfig)
* sassc                                     >= 3.3.2
* parallel                                  (Optional, for faster builds)

You can install them using:

sudo apt install -y autoconf automake inkscape libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev \
   libglib2.0-dev librsvg2-dev libsass0 libxml2-utils pkg-config sassc \


  1. Build and install system-wide:
sudo make install

If you need more information on installing from source or building the themes using other parameters, please see the Pop!_gtk theme README.