Create and Use Bootable Media on Pop!_OS

You can run Pop!_OS from a USB drive for hardware testing, recovery, and installation/re-installation.

Default Apps

Principles for default app inclusion.

Development Approach

Learn about the Pop!_OS development methodology.

Differences Between Pop!_OS and Ubuntu

Learn what makes Pop!_OS different from Ubuntu

Dual Booting with Linux-based OSes

Learn how to install Pop!_OS alongside another Linux-based OS

Dual Booting with Windows

Learn how to install Pop!_OS alongside Windows

Getting Started with Bitesize Bugs

Get started contributing quickly with bitesize bugs!

Install Pop!_OS

How to install Pop!_OS

Install Pop!_OS in VirtualBox

Install Pop!_OS in a virtual machine like VirtualBox

Install the Pop!_theme

How to install the Pop!_theme on other Linux distributions.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn how master using Pop!_OS with your keyboard

Release Numbering and Schedule

Timing and frequency details.


Focus and features for each release!

Using LUKS Disk Encryption with Pop!_OS

Learn how to Encrpyt your disk on Install.

Using Legacy Status Icons

Use legacy status icons (system tray/AppIndicators) with a GNOME extension